asept pak blow-fill-seal solutions

Asept Pak, Inc., is a contract blow-fill-seal packaging company based in Malone, New York. We provide you with large or small volume packaged contamination-free products in both aseptic unit-dose and multi-dose form. We are located in an 18,000 square foot fully sterile manufacturing facility using four Rommelag 3012M machines.

At Asept Pak, our blow-fill-seal flexibility and sterility make it ideal for a wide range of aseptic packaging applications. It allows us greater freedom in package design and reduces the risk of contamination and provides you with a more economical alternative to conventional aseptic processing solutions.

With blow-fill-seal we use less parts to assemble your package. We produce a one-piece, aseptically filled container with a built-in safety seal. This saves time and is a real cost advantage for you.