Welcome to Asept Pak, Inc.

Asept Pak provides the health care community with sterile manufacturing and packaging for medical devices. With experience in applying Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology for a variety of products, Asept Pak has the expertise and flexibility to meet the needs for all your aseptic processing and packaging applications at a low cost.

Blow-Fill-Seal technology offers flexibility in compounding, packaging, and product design. This technology provides minimum risk of contamination. Currently, Asept Pak products include Sterile WFI USP, sterile saline, ophthalmic drops, inhalation solutions, wound care products, Purified Water USP, sucrose for neonates, lab test reagents, and eyewash solutions.

Contact Asept Pak to discuss how Blow-Fill-Seal technology can be used with your aseptic packaging job. Call (518) 651-2026 or email GHanley@aseptpak.com  to learn how we can provide the most flexible and economical alternative for your product.